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  • Mike Zito

What was your favorite album of 2022?

In the inaugural episode of “No Song Like a New Song” I’ll play my favorite songs from my Top Ten albums of 2022. Check it out by going to (7:00 PM EST on Wednesday and 6:30 PM EST on Friday).

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In 1969 I was a sophomore in high school. My last class of the day was Spanish 1 with Señorita Carillo. “Hola Isabel. Como Estas. Estoy Bien gracias, e tu?” (How and why do I remember that? But, if I

1. Anais Mitchell - Anais Mitchell 2. Rising Appalachia - Live From New Orleans At Preservation Hall 3. Lowest Pair/Small Town Therapy - Horse Camp 4. Ray Wylie Hubbard - Co-Starring Too 5.

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