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The Best Spanish Lab Ever!

In 1969 I was a sophomore in high school. My last class of the day was Spanish 1 with Señorita Carillo. “Hola Isabel. Como Estas. Estoy Bien gracias, e tu?” (How and why do I remember that? But, if I happen to forget my notebook in any Spanish speaking country, I’ll be fine!)

Somehow the Mets were in the World Series against the Orioles. In 1969 the World Series was played in the daytime - during school. Last period though was Spanish lab. We were all at our stations, wearing these dorky brown headphones. Many of us brought our trusty transistor radios that day. When the Mets scored, there was excitement and a cheer that should have been more concealed. I’ve often wondered if Señorita Carillo went home curious yet proud about her incredibly exciting lesson.

That transistor was how I listened to radio (pre-driver’s license the exclusive listening device). I thought back on that when I clicked on the “Platform” button on my Zeeto On The Radio hosting site to learn that in the first nine days of operation, listeners have tuned in twenty different ways - from Chrome to Roku; Alexa to Windows Media Player; Music Life to Widgets! Just crazy how much has changed!

I so appreciate you tuning into Zeeto on the Radio (however you’ve been listening).

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