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"Zeeto on the Radio" - Great Music (Americana, Acoustic, Folk, Blues, Folk-Rock,
The Texas Sound, and more - 24/7 and Ad Free!

     “Zeeto on the Radio” started broadcasting in January of 2023. So, we’ve recently passed the one year on the air mark.  It has been fun, exciting and surprising. It has been wonderful to get comments and questions via email, and quadruply exciting to be sent music from so many wonderful artists. I’ve tried to make it known to all that it is important to me to make the station one that promotes a wide variety of musicians (however well known or not) to be played.

     Another surprise was where people have been listening from. We’ve had active listeners from 173 countries! Amazing! By the way, after the United States, we’ve received the most listeners from (in order) The Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, Italy, Ireland and Canada. I’m also proud to announce that on average we’ve tripled our daily listeners in just the last two months of 2023. I want to let you know how much I appreciate you all. 

    One change for year two and one thing that will remain the same (both based on listener comments and suggestions). With people listening from so many time zones, the idea of scheduling blocks doesn’t always jive with the time of day where people are tuning in. So, I decided to randomly play our ever growing library of “Roots/Americana/Blues” music from Monday through Friday. But, by far, the thing that people have appreciated the most is 48 hours of all women artists through our weekend. Of course, we’re keeping that.

     I’m committed to keeping ZOTR commercial free (despite the fact that it makes it more expensive to run). I appreciate all that have donated, and I’m especially thankful to those that have signed up to contribute on a monthly basis. I will tell you that in the first year, donations have covered just under 40% of our operating expenses. Please consider donating if you are able.





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