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"Zeeto on the Radio" - Great Music (Americana, Acoustic, Folk, Blues, Folk-Rock,
The Texas Sound, and more - 24/7 and Ad Free!

     "Zeeto on the Radio" launched in early 2023 as a 24/7, Ad-free, Internet radio station. Zeeto started it by uploading over 2000 songs that he hand picked. Those songs will play randomly, and ultimately the hope is to go live. On the schedule below, all times are Eastern Standard Time. When no "Special" program is listed, we'll be playing our random mix of great tunes.
     We'd love to hear any ideas for things you might like the station to broadcast. You can email those ideas to


* Weekends are about women here on Zeeto on the Radio! All day Saturday and Sunday - it’s great music from nothing but women artists. And to misquote a TV commercial - "And he’ll like it too!"

* 10 AM to Noon - Monday through Friday - Enjoy great, mostly acoustic, music from singer - songwriters.


* "The Texas Sound" - A two hour show, twice daily, Monday through Friday, featuring music from Texas musicians (or inspired by them). Mon. through Friday at 7 AM & 7 PM.


* The Music of the British Isles - Monday through Friday at 2 AM & Noon


* Oh Canada -  Music by Canadian musicians - Monday through Friday at 4 AM & 3 PM

* 2 PM - 3 PM - Monday through Friday - Music performed by, and written by Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne and John Prine

* 5 PM - 6 PM & Midnight - 1 AM every Monday through Friday - The Best of the Blues

* 9 PM - 11 PM - Monday through Friday - An assortment of music from the Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, The Band, Little Feat and Tom Petty


* "No Song Like a New Song" - Zeeto hosts a one-hour show of recently released music. Mon/Wed/Fri at 6 PM - Tue/Thurs at 1 AM

* "Surprise" - Airing Monday through Friday and alternating with "New Songs" from 6 to 7 pm and 1 - 2 am est. Just as the name indicates, each week will be a little different.  Sometimes we’ll be doing a feature on great musicians, there may be interviews, and many times the slot will be filled with guest DJs. We believe at the end of each hour you’ll be able to say - boy that sure was a nice surprise.

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